Matt Klotz Bio, Age, Height, Family, Big Brother, Deaflympics, Net worth

Matt Klotz Biography

Matt Klotz is a deaf swimmer and reality television personality from Cameron Park, CA. He is best known for being a Deaflympics Gold Medalist and a houseguest in the 25th season of Big Brother on CBS. Klotz is the first hearing-impaired houseguest to compete in Big Brother. Klotz is a Deaflympian swimmer who has competed in three Deaflympics. He is a 10xGold Medalist and 5xDeaf World Record holder in Deaf swimming. Currently, Klotz now lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Red Utley (Big Brother) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Career, Net worth

Red Utley Biography

Red Utley is a Salesman and reality television personality star from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He goes by the name Red because of his fiery red hair, however, his real name is Michael Joseph Utley. Utley is best known for competing in the 25th season of Big Brother on CBS and on Moonshiners on Discovery Channel. Currently, he lives in Cosby, Tennessee. Continue reading →

Izzy Gleicher (Big Brother) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Partner, Education, Job, Net worth

Izzy Gleicher Biography

Izzy Gleicher is a Pro Flutist, composer, visual artist, educator, and reality television personality. She is best known for competing in the 25th season of Big Brother. Izzy is a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble, the Annapolis Chamber Music Festival, Wild Up, the Hip-hop group ShoutHouse, and the new music Sinfonietta Ensemble Echappe. Also, she is a founder member of group Song Sessions Collective. Continue reading →